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Rattle Reel with 1 Wall Bracket
Price: $22.95

Plated Bars and Powder
Coated Steel Brackets

Extra Wall Brackets
Price: $3.50 ea.

Order Online at www.fishhousesupply.com

"The Original"

"Resistance Free" ice fishing reel that rattles when a fish strikes, with quick and easy tension adjustment.
Light activated "Glow-in-the-Dark" Decals

Mounts to any framing in ice fishing house, wood or aluminum. Also adjusts in and out, and pivots from side to side!
Lifts easy in and out of wall brackets. For multiple locations in fish house, when drilling ice holes, or for storing when not in use.

Lewandoski Rattle Reels come fully assembled. Just mount wall bracket with 2 screws provided and follow simple instructions below.

Order On-Line at Fish House Supply:
Order Online at www.fishhousesupply.com

  • 11" plated bar
  • Powder coated steel bracket (also fits rod holders)
  • Optional Snugger grommet to keep pivot bar in desired location

How to Use Lewandoski Rattle Reels

  • With rattle reel in wall bracket, tie fishing line around reel.
  • Simply spin the reel to retrieve 25-75 yds. of loose line (takes only a few seconds).
  • Tie on your favorite hook or jig, hook on your minnow of choice, set bobber to desired depth, leaving slight amount of slack in the line between reel and bobber that is floating on water in ice hole.
  • Reel will rattle and release line freely when fish strikes and starts to swim away with hook and line with absolutely "No Resistance!"
  • Can be used with larger live bait by snugging grommets tight to washers creating more tension.
  • Optional snugger grommet under bar in wall bracket allows you to pivot bar and keep it in desired location!

Order Online at www.fishhousesupply.com

Good Luck Fishing!!!!

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